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Welcome to the world of Connecticut Cinderellas and Glass Slipper Auctions.

Poster Stamp Gallery

Congratulations! - you are no longer a slave to the catalogue and album makers ideas of what and how you should collect. The key ingredient to Cinderella collecting is to have fun and collect whatever appeals to you.
Some collectors choose a topical approach, and collect certain images on stamps, others choose a regional or geographic approach and collect stamps from a certain region or country. And there are many Cinderella collectors who collect only stamps that appeal to them visually or for other reasons - but there are no topical / thematic or geographic boundaries.

As the content of grows, you will discover many new items that may move you to start a new collection, or may fit into an existing one. Many of these items are much scarcer than typical postage stamps, but since the cinderella field is still not as popular as the postal field the prices are still very affordable.







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