Poster Stamps with attachments (calendars)

As long as there has been advertising, there have been attempts to find the right "hook" or gimmick to attract attention. The two poster stamp examples displayed in this gallery show one type of gimmick that was used a few times on poster stamps - a full year calendar, with pages sewn together, and attached to the poster stamp with glue. Evidently, this was an attempt to give the advertisement (the poster stamp) more utility for a longer period of time, thus increasing the advertising value. Apparently it was not particularly successful, since there are very few examples of poster stamps with calendars attached.

This is perhaps the most famous "attached calendar" poster stamp. In fact it is featured on page 43 of H. Thomas Steele's classic book Lick 'em, Stick 'em: The Lost Art of Poster Stamps published in 1989. (Now out of print and highly sought after by poster stamp collectors).

Issued by The Armour Meat Company in 1915 and produced by the Robert Gair Co. of Brooklyn, New York, this poster stamp has a full year calendar from December 1915 to November 1916 attached. The poster stamp depicts an African-American butcher holding an Armour's Star Ham up for display, showing off Armour's "new Stockinet covering", and also carries the tag line "THE HAM WHAT AM". This advertising campaign was created for Armour by John E. Kennedy, and also included other ethnic caricatures such as "The ham what ees" with an Italian depicted, and "The ham vat iss" with a German pictured.

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Here is another example of a poster stamp with a calendar attached, this time for the calendar year 1917. The stamp was produced by The Tablet & Ticket Company, which was founded in 1870 and is still in business today. This poster stamp is printed in gold ink on black coated paper, and carries the imprint for a local agent in Minneapolis, C. W. Moulton.

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