Die-Cut Poster Stamps

While traditional perforated or imperforated poster stamps were issued in sheets, die-cut poster stamps were printed in sheet form, but the individual stamps were cut from the sheet with specially shaped knives (dies). Some imperforate poster stamps were also die-cut, but it is difficult to determine the method of separation, since some imperforate poster stamps were also issued in sheet form and them separated by scissors, paper cutters, etc.

hese four die-cut poster stamps from Germany advertise the Rotti brand of soups, sauces and flavorings. They depict various people enjoying the products, with a circular area in front to advertise the specific product. These poster stamps are available from Connecticut Cinderellas. Click on Bouillon, Saucen, Suppen, Würzen.

his die-cut poster stamp depicts a frog, wearing a crown, sitting on a yellow ball. The German stamp is advertising the Erdal brand of shoe polish. If you would like to buy this stamp click here.

ere is a poster stamp, die-cut in the shape of a wristwatch. This stamp was issued to promote a jewelry exposition in Boston, Massachusetts in 1925. Note the diamonds shown around the bezel of the watch. If you would like to purchase this poster stamp for your collection, click here.

his poster stamp, issued in Germany, was promoting an automobile show in 1909 in Königsberg. The poster stamp has a free-form symmetrical shape, and also is a representative example of an embossed poster stamp. Many of the examples of die-cut embossed poster stamps were printed in many different combinations of paper color and ink color. This stamp is available from Connecticut Cinderellas now in many different colors. For details click here.